5411 Airport Pulling Rd.


Basket of Smiles


“Basket of Smiles” is a charming floral arrangement that radiates happiness and warmth, a delightful medley of blooms that come together to create a symphony of color. This basket is a celebration of joy, featuring a cheerful mix of roses in shades that range from the deepest red to the softest pink, each one a whisper of nature’s beauty and a classic emblem of grace.

Amidst the roses, the playful carnations stand out with their ruffled petals, boasting a variety of hues that add depth and texture to the arrangement. The alstroemeria lilies, with their striking streaks and speckles, introduce an element of the exotic, their delicate blossoms opening up like a smile.

The daisies, with their pure, innocent faces, dot the arrangement with spots of sunshine, their simplicity a perfect counterpoint to the more complex beauty of the lilies and roses. Together, these flowers are not just a visual delight but a bouquet that seems to laugh with the sheer joy of being.

All these blooms are tenderly arranged in a white woven basket, creating an image of a bountiful garden harvest. The basket is adorned with a graceful green handle, creating an enchanting arc above the blooms, adding a touch of whimsy and the promise of a smile to all who receive it. “Basket of Smiles” is the perfect gift to brighten someone’s day, to say thank you, or just to spread a little happiness wherever it may go.