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Burning Desire


The “Burning Desire” arrangement is an intense expression of emotion, a fiery bouquet that captures the heat of passion. At its heart, the commanding presence of red torch ginger stands tall, its vivid blooms like flames reaching skyward. These exotic flowers, bold and striking, are complemented by the regal purple liatris, whose slender spires add a touch of wild sophistication.

Nestled within this blaze of color are the classic lush red roses, each one carefully selected for its deep color and velvety texture, the universal symbol of love and ardor. The roses’ rich red petals contrast beautifully with the vivid purples and add a traditional note to this contemporary arrangement.

Completing the ensemble, accents of purple statice sprinkle the bouquet with their small, star-like flowers, echoing the purple of the liatris and adding to the overall richness. This floral creation is not just a feast for the eyes but a statement of deep-seated romance and fervent feelings.

“Burning Desire” is the perfect gift for someone who stirs a powerful emotion within you, a way to convey a love that burns brightly and unfalteringly. It’s a striking centerpiece that will ignite conversations and admiration in any setting.