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Free Bird


Embrace the spirit of untamed beauty with “Free Bird,” a floral arrangement that soars in its splendor and freedom. This exotic display is a tribute to the wildness of nature, with the striking birds of paradise standing tall and proud, their vibrant orange and blue plumage unfurling like the feathers of a tropical bird in flight. These iconic flowers are a bold statement of individuality and the wonders of the natural world.

Complementing the birds of paradise, the sunny bursts of solidago bring a touch of golden sunlight, their tiny flowers clustered like joyful fireworks. The lush greenery of cocculus adds a rich, verdant backdrop, its glossy leaves reflecting the light and enhancing the depth of the arrangement. Variegated pittosporum intersperses the bouquet with its variegated leaves, adding texture and a subtle complexity that captivates the eye.

All these elements are thoughtfully arranged in a natural birch-wrapped glass vase, grounding the piece with an earthy elegance and a rustic charm that speaks to the soul of the wilderness. “Free Bird” is more than a bouquet—it’s a bold statement piece that celebrates the freedom and beauty of the world outside our windows, perfect for bringing a sense of adventure and liberation into any space.